‘Human Resources’
the magic words are murmured by everyone in one context or the other. All businesses around the world are continuously looking for better ways to recruit smart brains. Much has been said and written about the factors behind the HR factors. Many companies are considering some innovative ways to impart skills, train, re-train and motivate employees as they are the key issues. ‘The right man for the right job’ may be the HR mantra. On the lines of this saying, candidates are interviewed; the good or better among the brain pool is offered the letter. All is good for the first few months and slowly from somewhere a pungent smell of dissatisfaction spreads across the corporate floor. When we solve our people problems, our business problems are substantially resolved. People knowledge is more important than product knowledge. One need to build a pleasing personality & it is a combination of a person’s attitude, behavior, & expressions. Steps to building a positive & pleasing personality are as follows:
• Step No.1. Accept responsibility.
• Step No.2. Show consideration, courtesy, & politeness.
• Step No.3. Think win/win. When we think of serving our customers, our families, our employers, employees, colleagues we automatically win.
• Step No.4. Choose what you say rather than say what you choose.
• Step No.5. Don’t criticize & complain, smile & be kind.

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