Course Objectives:

The course has the following objectives:

- To introduce the participants to the importance and role of training needs assessment in

 designing training programs that aim at actual performance improvement.

- To learn and practice methods of identifying training needs at the organizational, group

and individual levels.
- To enable the participants to implement, in their organizations, the tools and techniques


Training Content:

- Training and the investment of the company.

- The appraisal system as a start for training needs assessment.

- Reviewing tactical plans now and for the future.

- Sampling / short – listing the meetings and interviews.

- Running the meetings and reaching the information needed.

- Use of process maps, system analysis diagrams for identifying training needs.

- Using job analysis and performance appraisal systems to identify training needs.

- Methods of evaluating training with respect to criteria like participants` behavior, training

results, and transfer of knowledge to other employees.

- The matrix of needs & bundling – Turning the needs into a TRAINING PLAN.

- Budgeting the plan and carrying the Cost/Benefit analysis.

- Design of training activities and their integration with other development tools.

- Role of managers in the training process of their employees.

- Cost / benefit analysis – impact evaluation and importance.

- Sourcing of training activities – selection of training providers.

- Running a TRAINING PLAN for the company.

- Getting feedback from participants – debriefing.

- Applying the effectiveness measurement system.

Who Should Attend?

Top/Senior/Middle Executives & Managers in charge of running training management

 functions – This can also include younger professionals working directly in the fields of

 organization development, management consulting, human resources functions

 including HR generalists and training executives.

Program Duration

The course is carried out in two training days

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