Course Objectives:

The course has the following objectives:

- To introduce to the participants the importance and role of performance appraisal

in developing and upgrading the human resource element in an organization.

- To present techniques of performance appraisal using a hands – on approach that will

enable the participants to apply the methods and techniques in the Egyptian environment.

- To learn how to design a performance appraisal system that focuses on the contribution

that management and staff make towards the strategic success of the company.

Training Content:

- Objectives of PA in organizations and how they started.

- Problems with performance appraisal in Egypt.

- The meaning of a formal system and boundaries (times, duration, environment, company)

- Appraisal forms – contents and means of use (WHAT & HOW)

- Job evaluation and relevant criteria for technical staff members.

- Filling the forms OBJECTIVLY and remembering the purpose.

- The performance appraisal meeting and discussion with the employee.

- How to sell to him/her the contents in the discussion.

- Communication techniques through the appraisal meeting.

- Developing the action plan and some DECISIONs!

- Implementation and monitoring of the action plan.

- Career development, succession planning in the organization.

- Definition of mentoring.

- Choice of mentors and selection of appointed staff members.

- Mentoring and coaching are mainly two parallel activities.

- Why mentoring fails – Senior, Middle and Junior Managers in mentoring roles.

Who Should Attend?

Top/Senior/Middle executives & Managers in charge of running performance appraisal

 including design, administration as well as orientation for managers targeted to run PA

processes – This can also include younger professionals working directly in the fields of

organization development, management consulting, human resources functions including

 HR generalists and training executives.

Program Duration

The course is carried out in two training days

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