Course Objectives:

The course has the following objectives:

- To learn how to save time and produce concise and professional

business reports and correspondence with greater confidence.

- To show trainees how to interact with people effectively through documentation and reporting.

Training Content:

- The principles of effective business report writing.

- Defining your objectives.

- Avoiding common problems.

- Why focus on the recipient.

- Writing styles and developing your writing style.

- Constructive self – analysis.

- Using the word package to enhance your formats.

- Reporting; written and oral reports.

- Case Study: Giving a feedback on report writing.

- Understanding what communication is.

- Setting the structure for the report.

- Deciding on what to include and what not.

- Recognize your strengths and weaknesses when dealing with different levels.

- Adjusting your style, tone and words to the recipients.

- Case Study: Developing the report structure based on a number of situations.

- High impact business writing.

- How to create high – impact letters and memos.

- How to create high – impact reports and proposals.

- Application on proposal writing and plan progress monitoring.

- Proofreading and editing skills.

- Case Study: Using templates and computers, examples & demos.

Who Should Attend?

The target participants are mainly professionals from various industries of the private sector.

It also extends to junior staff members wishing to improve their individual corporate skills

mainly in the Business Writing domain.

Program Duration

The course is carried out in two training days

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