Course Objectives:

This course has a pre-requisite of having attended TM005/BPS as it is the Practical Discussions of Candidates Presentations of their Action Plans. The two-day workshop hasthe following objectives:

- To Follow-up on the Business Plans developed by

the participants on the first leg of the programme and provide feedback.

- To answer queries about missing data or information as well as how to improve on the business plan for Implementation.

- To observe and learn from others working in their business plans.

Training Content:

- The CLINIC phase includes TWO Open Days to meet with the participants two- threeweeks from the conclusion of the first workshops to discuss their progress in developing the business plans for their companies as well as providing guidance and orientation on how to conclude the documentation.

- They will be able to forward their draft documentation to the consultants for review prior to the meetings to be held – each planned for 90 minutes for a maximum number of 12 participants.

- A sample of 6 presentations will be provided across the two days from volunteers willing to share their presentations with the rest. This will be serving as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences as participants can learn from one anther being resourceful and experienced providing invaluable knowledge and solutions.

Who Should Attend?

Top/Senior Executives & Managers in charge of setting Business Strategies and WorkProgrammes within their organizations – This can also include younger professionals working directly in Business Planning, Product Planning, Consulting and Marketing Planning – WHO ATTEDED PART 1 (BPF-001)

Program Duration

The course is carried out in three training days

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