Course Objectives:

The course has the following objectives:

- To get a better understanding of the top managers role regarding the human capital within the organization.

- Acquire more skills regarding allocation and utilization, development and coaching as well as motivation and maximization of potential of employees.

- To understand the difference between strategic leadership versus operational leadership, performance leadership and inspirational leadership.

Training Content:

- Introduction to corporate organizations

- Organization structures and strategy implications

- Leadership of an organization and impacting its performance

- Performance management and enhancement strategies

- Understanding the leadership role towards culture and politics

- Aligning the organization and setting the standards

- Role of top management in motivation and coaching

- Performance leadership from the front line

- Choosing the right people for the top jobs

- Delegation and making things happen through others

- Exercises and case study

Who Should Attend?

Top/Senior Executives & Managers from various functions seeking to fine tune their management strategic awareness and abilities with better understanding of the hard and soft areas of management including strategy formulation, people management and planning and implementing change in their respective functions as well as organization wide.

Program Duration

The course is carried out in three training days

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