Course Objectives:

This is a condensed course aiming to provide the participant with the major and essential supervision and management skills and ability to build a professional and highly motivated team. It provides an Introduction to how to use available time more effectively. It aims as well to increase the effectiveness of the communication with customers, superiors, peers and subordinates.

Course Outline:

- Supervising and Managing Fundamentals

- Rational decision-making

- Tasks and functions of the empowered manager

- Planning, staffing, leading, controlling & communicating 

- Getting things done by others 

- Delegation without loosing control

- Reasons for delegation Tasks and functions of the empowered manager

- When to delegate and when not to delegate

- Maintaining balanced autonomy

 - Obstacles to delegation 

- Managing Work & time

- Getting organized, Scheduling work and time

- Controlling paperwork 

- Dealing with Stress

- Definition of stress - The high cost of stress

- Handling stress at work

- Essentials of Communication Skills

- Essential elements of the communication process

- Identifying your interpersonal style

- Communication networks within organizations

- Developing productive communication skills in teams

- Developing listing skills

Who Should Attend?

Professionals from the purchasing to the selling department including: the inventory, the production (or operation) and the marketing functions. It is also aimed at executives involved in the buy, make, fulfill, marketing, sales and customer service process.

Program Duration

The course is carried out in three training days

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