Course Objectives:

The course has the following objectives:
- To introduce participants to the meaning of Business Planning including how to stand on the current position of their companies both internal and external.
- To learn how to devise the future/targeted position of the company again externally and internally(where we want to go)
- To learn how to formulate the proper Action Plan for moving from A to B through a set of Programmes.
- To provide and explain to the participants a number of tools they could use in this process as well as a number of applications on their business.

Training Content:

- The concept of Productivity Improvement / Business Planning.

- External Business Planning.

- Strategic Analysis (Point A), Strategic Marketing Planning

- Setting Company Objectives Vis-à-vis the Market (s)

- Defining Imperatives / Strategies (Point B)

- Developing programmes for implementing the strategies (Action Plan)

- Linking Internal Requirements to External Strategies

- Carrying out an internal Audit of Production, Processes, Finance and HR

- Developing the starting Point for internal development Point A 

- Formulating the internal Set-up as to above aspects, Point B

- Technology, Employees, Product, Tasks and processes, etc.

- Developing the Full Implementation Plan (Comprehensive Action Plan)


- Writing up the Business Plan, using the forms and TOOLS Proposed by the Consultant for compiling the Action Plan as well as additional complementary hints and tips for a more solid Documentation

Who Should Attend?

Top/Senior Executives & Managers in charge of setting Business Strategies and Work Programmes within their organizations – This can also include younger professionals working directly in Business Planning, Product Planning, Consulting and Marketing Planning.

Program Duration

The course is carried out in five training days

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