Course Objectives:

Being successful in an open environment requires knowledge of and experience with the tools that are available to enter this new battleground. In this course, a framework is set up on strategic decision making and its recent developments, allowing participants to

 question and discuss what this means for their company`s position in their respective industries. In order to achieve competence, models for strategic design are explained.

Training Content:

Models for Strategic Design

1. Organizational analysis 

- SWOT analysis 

- TOWS analysis

- Porter`s value chain and benchmarking 

-  Core competences 

-  Functional approach 

-  Product portfolio analysis 

-  Perceptual mapping 

-  Stretch and leverage

2. External analysis 

-  The remote environment

-  Boundary definition 

-  Porter`s 5 forces model 

-  The operating environment 

-  Competitor profile analysis 

-  New competition 

-  Industry life cycle analysis

-  Strategic Decision Making

Cost Leadership / Differentiation/ Focus strategies For Single Product Companies:

-  Gap Analysis 

  For Multiple Product Companies:

-  Ansoff Matrix

-  Portfolio Analysis 

-  Directional Policy Matrix 

-  Country Portfolio Matrix 

-  Turnaround strategies

Who Should Attend?

Top/Senior Executives & Managers from various functions seeking to fine tune theirmanagement strategic awareness and abilities with better understanding of the hard and soft areas of management including strategy formulation, people management and planning and implementing change in their respective functions as well as organization wide.

Program Duration
The course is carried out in two training days

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