Course Objectives:
- To improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants in product management and development, selling channel management, promotion and advertising management and pricing techniques.
- To focus on the marketing operational that is about product management and development, selling channel management, managing integrated marketing communication and pricing management.

Training Content:
- What is marketing management?
- Building on the STP process(segmentation, targeting and positioning)
- Managing the marketing mix – 4P`s.
- Positioning and differentiating the marketing offers.
- Managing products/ product mix/ branding.
- Managing marketing channels – distribution.
- Managing integrated marketing communications – promotional campaigns.
- Managing pricing.
- The basic components of an "operational marketing plan"-action plans.

Who Should Attend?
Marketing Managers, Product Team leaders, Marketing Project Team Members, Account Managers who work in projects or functions related to marketing planning & operational marketing.

Program Duration
The course is carried out in two training days

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