Course Objectives:
- To learn how to approach the market with a 5-year planning horizon.
- To help managers understand a wealth of concepts that are considered the foundations of strategic thinking and how to apply these concepts to their own businesses.
Training Content:
- The concept of strategic planning, and its implications on the marketing function.
- The interaction of strategic marketing with the different business functions as it competes for the organizational resources and attention.
- A systematic framework for developing a sound strategic marketing plan.
- The 4 basic analyses for understanding the backdrop of the plan: [market, customer,competitor, and channel].
- The PEST analysis in order to spot the major opportunities and threats facing the organization.
- Defining the organization`s strategic intent.
- Developing the vision, mission, and five-year objectives for the marketing function.
- Describing the organization necessary needs to implement the devised strategy.
- Understanding the internal capabilities of the organization, and identifying its strengths and weakness.
- Identifying the gab between what we are today and the prospected future.
- Translating the strategic objectives into a five-year strategic marketing plan.
- Case Study: Applying the learned tools to deduce a strategy for their businesses.

Who Should Attend?
General Managers, Executives, Marketing Managers, Product Team leaders, Marketing Project Team Members, Account Managers who work in projects or functions related to strategic marketing and marketing planning.

Program Duration
The course is carried out in two training days

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