Course Objectives:
- To provide bottom line improvements in service delivery, customer growth and profit.
- To increase the level of "Customer satisfaction" by creating service excellence.
- To recognize the need for excellence in customer service in the organization.
- To increase understanding of the needs of other members of staff (internal customer), and hence emphasizing the importance of synergy between front and back liners and improved co-operation and communication.
Training Content:
- Customer service awareness; understanding customer service and its effect on the success of the success of the organization.
- Understanding the different between good service and great service.
- How to make great customer service a MISSION.
- Customer focus and orientation and how to achieve customer satisfaction.
- Defining customer service.
- Customer service as top priority in the organization.
- Expanding the idea of who is the customer.
- Generating a service reputation.
- Making service a mission and making the mission real.
- Serving your customers with personally pleasing memorable interactions (PPMI).
- Making customer satisfaction every one`s job, the most important part of their job description.
- How to understand the different types of customer.
- Handling customers` inquires and solve their problems effectively.
- Handling conflicts that arise with the customers.
- How to balance between the customer needs and expectations and the company policies.
- Making customer service a win-win situation.
- Case Study: Stimulations through role-plays and with participants work as self-critics.

Who Should Attend?
Customer service representative/staff and management, customer satisfaction/ relation staff and management, and sales staff and management

Program Duration
The course is carried out in two training days.

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