Course Objectives:
To provide delegates with a clear understanding of their role in internal and external customer care. To equip them with tools and models to achieve their goals and provide the opportunity for some practice and feedback in a supportive environment. The design will be finalized to integrate and position the teams as a whole and to establish excellent customer care skills for both external and internal customers.
Delegates will be able to achieve the following and also understand the significance of each for building effective internal and external relationships.
Training Content:
•Be able to discuss the internal and external customer supplier relationships with reference to each teams objectives and purpose.
•Understand, with reference to learning styles, why and how different job roles require people to be different and hence what constraints this might impose on relationship building.
•Identify criteria for an excellent performance in people / interpersonal terms.
•Discuss and apply the notion of team to individual and wider groupings with the chance to discuss and conclude best practice for their situation.
•Understand their role in achieving the desired image / Fog Horn message for the Company and the Management team.
•Understand the need for all team members to look after all team members, if the Company is to achieve all its internal and external goals.
•Appreciate the relevant tools and techniques available from the Sales system and understand how to apply these in their work place.

Program Duration
The course is carried out in two training days.

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