Course Objectives:
During the last decade, communication has become the most important concern ofall businesses. One the huge uses of the means provided by communication is the telesales, call centers, and support centers.
This course contributes in teaching how to Communicate effectively with customers during telesales calls, and maximize the effectiveness of the telesales calls. And to Learn how to effectively use the phone for developing business.

Training Content:
- Outbound techniques
- Customer pre-study
- cold call vs. warm call
- structure the scripts and the calls outline
- gaining control through clear objective
- Greetings & Voice techniques
- appropriate words for welcome speech
- telesales image creation
- voice tone & volume, speed control
- postures; smile & mirror
- expressions: friendliness & enthusiasm
- breathing & pausing
- Listening skills
- proper listening leads to success
- Inbound techniques
- Magic moments creation
- response trainings
- focus & interact
- Questioning skills
- make interaction happen with the other party
- Product Training
- features & benefits
- competitors comparisons
- Objection handling
- Call duration & Action plan
- call sheets usage
- beware of commitments
- essential details & summarization techniques
- role switching techniques
- Call closing skills
- Role play – Switching roles

Who Should Attend?
telesales personnel, call center agents and any one who is willing to develop his selling skills through phone calls. Jr. Salesmen and also all people dealing directly with clients or suppliers through phones.

Program Duration
The course is carried out in two training days

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